breaking boundaries that divide

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Breaking Boundaries is to help those with HIV/AIDS in Southeast Idaho live a life of independence and dignity, through direct financial support, and also to increase awareness and prevention by providing of HIV/AIDS education to the community.

In addition, because diversity of all kinds results in stronger, richer and more welcoming communities, we promote and celebrate diversity in the following ways:

  • Education and Awareness of diversity in our programs, events and communications.
  • Support and Collaboration with other regional organizations, including sponsorships, donations and direct involvement with compelling diversity causes.
  • Advocacy for diversity, and for ending discrimination based on difference, in our public policy positions.


President - Kerry Martin
Past President - Steve Priebe
Vice President - Tyler Kraupp
Secretary - Dino Lowery
Treasurer - Amy Gamett
Ann Boehmer
Kristi Brower
Holly Frazier
Holly Gilbert
Joel Hubbell
Mary Kaufman
Maria Miles
Alex Park
Eric Schuster
Yon Scott
Lisa Sehlke
Scott Weigel