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We would like to thank everyone who has donated to Breaking Boundaries. Following is a list of our sponsors. Please thank them for their support by visiting their store or web site or thank them in person the next time you see them.

Breaking Boundaries would like to thank the Idaho Falls and surrounding communities for your continued and growing support for our annual AIDS benefit fund-raiser. Because of hundreds of generous individuals and businesses, we raise about $30,000 each year. This money provides support to those in our communities living with HIV/AIDS and also funds AIDS awareness, prevention, and testing activities. Your support in these fund-raising activities provides help with expenses such as medical care, medication, housing, transportation and food to those living with HIV/AIDS in our communities.

We are thrilled to live in a place where a sense of community is demonstrated by generosity and a desire to help our friends and neighbors. As Breaking Boundaries grows, we are seeing more and more community involvement and support, and it is truly heart-warming. Please watch for, and join in, additional community activities sponsored by Breaking Boundaries. It is our hope that a growing awareness and celebration of our community’s diversity will be instrumental in breaking boundaries and bringing us closer together as friends and neighbors. Thank you again for your support.

Significant Financial Support:

Examples of Volunteer Help:

  • Girl Scout Troop #132
  • ISU Physicians Assistant Students
  • Reverend Lyn Stangland Cameron
  • Reverend Barbara Condon Harrison
  • Reverend John Stevens
  • And many, many others!

Examples of Like Minded Organizations:



Celebrating Diversity